NSP Rocket Fish 6'0"

NSP Rocket Fish
NSP Rocket Fish

These wide, flat, small-wave machines ensure that you have heaps of fun - even in ordinary conditions.
Featuring new colour schemes, arch-support tail pads with side bars, and highly-refined E2 epoxy construction, the NSP Fish range is your ticket to extraordinary small-wave performance.
Top sheet graphic; Uni-fiber reinforced; finished rail; thermoform skin/ pro tail pad; pro leash; polycarb tri-fin; one year warranty.
5'6" model - With its unique blend of retro and modern features this design incorporates a flipped nose with shallow entry and a wide body with soft bump wing tapering to swallow tail. Fish delivers great down the line speed that translates those less than perfect days into good fun. Stable enough as a first Shortboard for the groms, it makes a great addition to almost any quiver.
6'0" model - Our mid-size Fish could possibly be the most fun board in the NSP line. This wide body design is large enough to keep you going, yet small enough to allow plenty of maneuvering on the face. Great down the line speed turns onshore or small days into your playground. A perfect first Shortboard or addition to your quiver.
6'4"/6'6" model - Our full-size Fish design features a broad nose and wide body template combined with a shallow entry rocker. This wide, flat combination allows it to catch the smallest of waves. Its generous proportion handles the bigger riders than the 6'4" length implies. Surprisingly fast and loose, it makes a perfect first Shortboard or addition to your quiver.

Price: ₹26,000.00
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